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Chatting with your visitors

- Easy Integration with Your Web Site

- No Software Installation Required

- No Visitor Log-in or Sign-up Required

- One to One Text Chat with web site visitors

- Chat History Pop-up on Initiating Chat

- One Support Operator can Accept Multiple Chat Request

- Pre-written or Standardized Responses

- File Transfer during chat

- Leave Message form (if support operators offline)

- Multiple Support Operators Sharing Chat Session, Operator to Operator Chats

- Customize Pre & Post Chat form

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Chatting with your visitors - Live Chat Live Help

Realtime Visitor Monitoring  

Visitor Information Live Chat Live Help enables you to have a 360 degree view of your website visitors, including name, status, current page, Geo info, IP address, browser type, etc:

- Visitor List

- Monitor Website Traffic in Real-time

- Friendly Invitation

- Geo Location Map

- Chat History of every visitor comes to your website

- IP-to-location

- Browser details

- Referring URL

- Block IP Address, Ban Visitors

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Customization and Branding

- Company Banner/Logo. Upload your own images in the chat dialog box for a completely branded user experience.

- URL of your website. Destination for you company name or logo link.

- Chat Icon Customization

- Chat Invitation Customization

- Visitor Messenger Customization

- Window size and toolbars hiding

- Canned Messages. Save your most common messages for greeting and signing off, etc. This saves time wasted on composing, poor grammar and embarrassing spelling mistakes by operators.

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Setting Control and Preferences

- Live Support Through more than One Department

- Department Based Chat Session

- Show visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status

- Maximum waiting time by visitor in queue

- Geolocation window options. Window size and toolbars hiding.

- Visitor's identifier. How to build visitor identifying string from {name}, {id} or {addr}. Default: {name}

- Title in the chat window. Name of your company for example.

- Allow secure connections (SSL)

- Enable “Pre-chat survey”. Forces user to fill out a special form to start chat.

- Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator.

- Allow visitor to choose Department.

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Traffic Stats and Reporting

- Complete Visitor Statistics Log (Application keeps track of visitors even if all support operators are off-line)

- Tops

- Visits’ summary

- Visits’ details

- Traffic charts

- Flexible reporting period

- Operator Performance


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Supervising and Other Features

- Administrative and Operator Privileges

- Administrator Chat Monitoring and Live Support, Monitoring of Running Chat Session

- Operator Profiles

- Department Based Chat Session. This enables you to group operators into departments and route visitors to the most suitable operators.

- Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator

- Leave-a-Message Form. If no operators are available, visitors can send you a message using a simple email interface.

- Get chat log automatically via email.

- Block selected IP address of visitor

- Receive audible and visual notifications when a visitor requests support, another operator needs assistance, a new visitor enters your site, and other events.

- Post-Chat Rating. With post-chat rating enabled, visitors can rate operators’ performance and leave comments after chatting.

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