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Multiple Operators and Multiple Departments

Enjoy the benefit of unlimited operators!


We are not priced “per operator” or “per user”. It’s only $120 for an unlimited number of operators and users. This includes free upgrades. 1 operator? 10 operators? 100 operators? Doesn’t matter. Our Live Help software features unlimited departments and unlimited operators. You can use your chat script on any number of web pages or different websites without any additional costs.

Multiple Websites

Supports multiple websites - Provide live support and monitor all your websites from one WEB-application. This allows your organization to use one Live Chat Live Help account to support multiple websites with the same Operators! Visitor Information Live Chat Live Help enables you to have a 360 degree view of your website visitors, including name, status, current page, Geo info, IP address, browser type, etc. Basic setup includes simple online registration and placing of the chat button code or link on your website pages.

- No technical expertise require all time

- No More Updating and Upgrading Nightmares

- Automatic upgrades and new features

- Start immediately

- Full source code

- Servers in your organization are incompatible with the application you wish to use and do not support the application of your choice

- Low bandwidth or no bandwidth on your servers

- No more server maintenance and data warehousing/backup woes.

- Inadequate technical human resources at your end to manage your servers

Easy Integration with Your Web Site Upload your company logo Chat Sharing to another Operator

100% Web-Based Version

Why Live Support Chat Script ?

Geo Location Map, IP-to-location Leave-a-Message Form Real-Time Visitor Monitoring File Transfer during chat Traffic Stats


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Your company logo

URL of your website

Chat Icon Customization

Company title

Title in the chat window

Allow secure connections (SSL)

Enable feature “Ban Malicious Visitors” (Using it you can block attacks from specific IPs)

Enable “Pre-chat survey”

Ask visitor e-mail

Call Back & Call Back History

Show initial question field

Allow secure connections (SSL)

Enable “Popup dialog notification of the new visitor”

View/Manage Feedback left by Visitors.